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If you're looking for a fast, easy, and FUN way to generate more offense from your passing game - then please - take a few moments and check out this short letter.

The method I'm about to reveal is stunningly simple. You don't need an all-star quarterback, an elite wide receiver corps, or a dominant offensive line to make it work.

In fact... I'm willing to guarantee (with my own money), that this system will DRAMATICALLY increase your offensive production.

Best of all, it works with teams of all ages... from Mitey Mites to Varsity High School.

It's all revealed inside this new online video clinic - "Developing a Dominant Passing Game"

Inside, you'll discover an easy A-Z formula for passing game success, including quarterback fundamentals, throwing drills, drops, routes and tactics... all explained with simple step by step instructions, coaching cues, live demos, and game footage.

Plus, loads of valuable templates, shortcuts, and tips to track the success of your passing game, and build your team into an offensive powerhouse!

Your instructor is Coach Charlie Stubbs, one of the most accomplished and well-respected passing game specialists on the planet.

A former SEC Offensive Coordinator of the Year, he's coached every offensive position at the highest levels of NCAA Football, and called plays for national powerhouses like Alabama and Tulsa.

Here's a quick rundown of what you're about to learn.

3 fundamental drills to improve ball skills, and eliminate those costly fumbled snaps:

You'll learn the Stance Drill, QB/Center Exchange, and QB Self Snap.


4 simple quarterback agility drills to develop tighter footwork and become more mobile in the backfield:

You'll learn the Quick Feet Drill, Ski Jumps, Pit Pats, and Step Overs.


5 wickedly effective throwing drills to develop and reinforce proper throwing mechanics and build titanic arm strength -- for longer, more accurate throws and fewer interceptions:

You'll learn the Right Knee Drill, Both Knees Drill, Wrong Knee Drill, Side Throwing Drill, and Circle Throwing Drill.


6 proven drop drills to develop precise footwork and better awareness in the backfield, so your QB can create space for himself, maintain his poise, and deliver a sizzling, bullseye throw under pressure:

You'll learn the Tandem Drop Drill, 3 Step Box Drill, 5 Step Box Drill, 5 Step Line Drop, Target Throwing Drill, and Escape Drill.


The 3 primary pass drops that must be part of your playbook --- and the 12 receiver routes your offense needs to master.

Get insider tips for running your offense out of a three-step, five-step, or seven-step drop.



Live action footage from Tulsa practices and games… all narrated by Coach Stubbs, as he explains the ideal timing, distance, and execution for each play.

And that's not all. The entire online clinic is jam-packed with valuable templates, shortcuts, tips and coaching cues to help you make the MOST of this material in the LEAST possible time!

Here's a small sample...

How to build a passing system that fits YOUR personnel. Learn simple, straightforward techniques to evaluate your players, maximize your strengths and design an offense that gets your best 11 kids on the field.
The 6 key qualities your quarterback MUST possess. Three of 'em are physical… three of 'em are mental… and all of 'em are absolutely essential.
8 dummy-proof rules for coaching your QB's. HINT: don't "over-coach!"
How to organize your practice plan to put the proper emphasis on pass protection. This is the #1 key to better game day execution.
How to use hot throws and sight adjustments to counter a blitzing defense. See four live examples from real Tulsa games… narrated and explained by Coach Stubbs himself!
How to mix up your protection schemes and drops to confuse the defense and buy time for your QB. Add this to your game plan and you'll see a dramatic improvement in your completion rates, first downs, and explosive passing plays!
Why it's so important to throw the football on first downs and after turnovers. Unconventional advice that works like crazy!
How to use play action and movement passes to open up your quarterback's field of vision, give him windows to throw through, and create massive-yardage plays… almost on demand!
The 24-point quarterback drill progression checklist Coach Stubbs swears by…
A no-brainer A-Z practice progression to develop a killer pass game. From fundamentals… to pass skellys… to blitz drills… you'll learn exactly which drills to run, what order to run them, and how to pull it all together.
The best way to track and evaluate your passing game. Simple templates for tracking the effectiveness of individual plays, quarterback and receiver performance,
How to use multiple formations, motions, and personnel to expand your playbook and add more diversity to your passing game. It's the best way to keep the defense guessing… without confusing your own players!

And a lot more.

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